The Radio Dept.

The Radio Dept started a journey a number of years ago, a pop voyage (pronounced French-style) if you will, that has started a new leg. The fuzzed out bliss pop seems so very long ago, as they enter an orchestral funk pop phase, still framed with their signature techniques. Regardless of the destination, the fun is in getting there.

Second Post 5/9/2008:
The Radio Dept’s last LP Pet Grief further cemented their delicate pop sounds, built with the tools of 80’s pop (haunting keyboads, drum machines, echo pedals), as their sound. “Freddie and the Trojan Horse,” from their upcoming June EP, doesn’t mess with their formula, but it does turn up the tempo and the urgency.

Original Post 11/17/2004:
Like religious conversion or political persuasion, music can be very personal. Isn’t that why we like it? So rather than a cold, third-person blip about The Radio Dept., allow me to share something personal, which is that I just love The Radio Dept. Love. My longstanding record for the most times I’ve listened to a song in a row is Joe Jackson’s “Got the Time,” clocking in at 48 consecutive listens. But, at the rate I’m going, The Radio Dept.’s “Pulling Our Weight” is going to overtake that before the night is over.

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  1. Thanks, Martijn. I added a link to XL. I had skipped XL cause their site design is rather jumbled, and well frankly, they aren't sharing the beauty of The Radio Dept thru the wonder of the MP3 like the others.
    And BTW, I only made it to 13 listens before I passed out. There's always another day…

  2. pet grief = dreampop, euphoria, sweden, friends, enemies, digi-fi, winter. how is it that a band making music this beautiful, complex and lovely could be so obscure, i only found out about them by sheer accident. all i have to say is hold out your hand and close your eyes, coz you're in for a big surprise.

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