Julie Doiron

Julie Doiron has one of the best resumes in indie rock, as well as one of the most versatile sounds and expressive voices. Listening to a dozen of her songs feels like working through a record label sampler. From rocking out to laying herself bare, Doiron does it all well. The first of the new tracks here, “Consolation Prize,” is from her most recent release, I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, which came out about a month ago. The other two below it are from two different 2004 albums, and are tracks that weren’t posted in her original 3hive entry. All three serve well to express her endearing range and talent.

Consolation Prize [MP3, 2.8MB, 192kbps]
No More [MP3, 2.6MB, 160kbps]

Snow Falls In November [MP3, 6.2MB, 160kbps]

Original post: 03/09/06
Julie Doiron’s been on the indie scene since she was 18 years old, and it seems like she’s pretty much done it all: playing bass for Eric’s Trip, recording solo for SubPop and Jagjaguwar, starting her own label, winning a Juno Award, publishing books of her photography, singing in French, settling down in the hipster hub of Sackville, New Brunswick and performing with Shotgun and Jaybird. Paperheart Music even put out a tribute compilation in her honor. How 3hive overlooked Julie Doiron for so long is a mystery for sure. Start your tour of her work with the haunting “Dance All Night” off her most recent release, Goodnight Nobody, then try the comfort of “Sending the Photographs” from 2002’s Heart of Crime, then go for something in French maybe, or check out her book at Broken Jaw Press , or just sit back and drift in her gentle sounds (more of which are available at her website).


5 Replies to “Julie Doiron”

  1. thanks 3-hive!
    i've often wondered how cat power basked in critical adulation while julie doiron languished in obscurity.
    i saw her at a little club in vancouver a few years back and her music brought me to tears repeatedly. i hadn't cried since my dad's funeral.
    she is 'the greatest': a beautiful human being and a true artist.

  2. thanks so much for reuniting me with this artist! I had the wonderful honor of seeing her many years ago in toronto and I had forgotten how much I loved her voice.
    yay for 3hive. 🙂

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