Really? Has it really been two a half years since Rademacher first appeared on 3hive? This foursome, led and driven by Malcolm Sosa, continues to mature, while still doing their own thing, man. Yes, they’ve made some changes over the years–style, personnel–but they still have their independence, their quirkiness, and an ear for a good tune, finally releasing their first full-length Stunts in December 2007 after three earlier EP’s.

Original Post 8/24/2005:
Okay, there are three good things that come from Fresno, Californ-I-A, and no, not one of the three is Cher. My old lady (oh crap, she’s gonna read this, make that my young bride, to quote my father-in-law) hails from Fresno, as do Let’s Go Bowling and Rademacher. The relative isolation of the Central Valley has allowed the young ones of Rademacher to develop their own take on indie rock that is intense, melodic, and original while being vaguely familiar. The first song is from their new EP out this fall.


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  1. Thanks !
    I'm french and I Think you don't know but in France nothing never happens concerning music, so I'm glad to visit your blog and your comments.
    Just go on !

  2. the rhythm of the lyrics of "Playing For Fun" reminds me of Steve Miller Band "Abracadabra."
    maybe it's just me…

  3. oh hell yes. I loves me some Rademacher. it doesn't hurt that I'm from Madera and love to see local boys (and girl) make good.

  4. Hey Guys I would really like to know where you guys are from cause I just googled my last name and found you guys and i think you rock!

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