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Beat Radio have managed to bend several ears here at 3hive, so it’s always nice to get an email from Brian cluing us to new tracks, in this case the well-arranged and optimistically emo stylings of “What I Love the Most.” It’s even nicer when the track is a preview of not just an LP on the way, but an LP/EP superset, The Great Big Sea + Miracle Flag EP, which will be available in the coming weeks from CD Baby and iTunes. Plus, I just noticed that you can get a ton more free music than what’s below by just clicking over to the band’s website. Listen now, buy later, know that you’re doing it the way 3hive intended.

Sam’s original post from Sept. 2005:
Beat Radio spin wistful melodies with subtle, vulnerable lyrics in the same vein as Luna or Sebadoh’s more tender moments. Their songs have a radiant, familiar quality that grows on you with each listen. In fact, I’ve included two versions of “Treetops” — the 4-track demo version from earlier this year and a more polished version from the forthcoming EP — for this very reason. Much like a frayed blue blankie I once loved, I don’t know if I’m ready to let go of the demo version just yet. While the EP version is by no means overproduced, it seems so in comparison. But I’ll let you decide for yourself.

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  1. dunno how exclusive they are dustin, as i got the same email… but you did beat me to posting them so i give you credit for a quick trigger 🙂

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