Artanker Convoy

The best way to describe Artanker Convoy is downtempo funk jams. Slowed-down grooves that go on and on as if the earth’s rpm’s have dropped down a notch and no one’s in a hurry to get anywhere or do anything but c.h.i.l.l. An air of improvisation takes center stage as each member of this Brooklyn sextet lays down their perspective track, often tinged with the music they’ve been listening to lately whether it’s east Asian dub, Nashville soul, jazz, Bowie or The James Gang. Their new album (pictured), out now, features a DVD with videos of live performances, animations, and abstract op-art by art collective MUX, who frequently perform live with the band. Most of the MP3s here are unreleased demos, but still offer a good idea of what Artanker Convoy is all about. As a point of band history, Arthur (aka Artanker), drums and percussion, used to rock out in the early ’90s with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, in the Jinx Clambake Explosion. Drop that bit of knowledge at your next soiree for major indie-cred points.

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  1. wait. why am i looking at a chick's ass when i wanted my mp3 fix? women read this blog, you know.

  2. Just added: An Artanker Convoy album cover featuring the dudes in the band–this one's for the ladies!! (or for dudes who like dudes)…

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