Super 5 Thor

In May 1996 I wrote this in grid magazine about the Super 5 Thor song below: “The Space side’s “Superstar” is a brilliant example of Super 5 Thor’s delicate Velvet Underground-meets-The Jesus and May Chain brand of rock. Sparse, vibrato-tinged and soaring guitars and drugged-out vocals that the Reid brothers can be envious of are backed up by simple, steady drumming.” After many years of hiatus, Manny and Scott are getting the band back together! Actually, Super 5 Thor wasn’t really a band. Manny and Scott had been in the Miss Alans together in Fresno, California, my wife’s hometown (she was a fan), but by the time they got around to Super 5 Thor, they lived in different states and traded tapes in the mail. So until they get going again, enjoy “Superstar,” with Manny’s permission, and also check out their only live performance on KCRW’s Brave New World. It’s what’s kept me going all these years.

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  1. Holy crap. This was absolutely one of my favorite records back when I was a college MD. Thanks for reminding me about it! I wonder if I still have my copy or not! This was great stuff.

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