Sparrow House

It seems that with all this frantic social networking going on in the world (umm, the internet?), musicians are following suit. One search leads to the other in an endless maze of “who plays with who.” Sometimes you find yourself following the trail until you end up at a Lynard Skynard tribute band and you wonder where you went wrong. Not so with Sparrow House (which is actually just Jared Van Fleet, of keyboards and guitar for Voxtrot). When I finished following the trail of crumbs, I just listened, smiled and said “sweet!” Apparently, we were a little late on sharing some Voxtrot with you all, but this time I think we’re right on point. The track below reminds me of Elliot Smith, and since I pretty much wish that man was alive every day, I say, yes, Jared, lets please revisit. But the rest of the EP is varied, folky, dark and stormy. The kind of stuff you can close your eyes and be happy to listen to when you just need a moment. The cool kids totally love him and me too. Thanks Jared, I totally needed a moment.

9 Replies to “Sparrow House”

  1. such a sweet track, and i liked the others on myspace too. only, it makes me wonder where does the voxtrot connected goodness end? if it doesn't end: will there be headlines saying "iraq war over. voxtrot plays baghdad"?

  2. I'd have to go for the 'Neal Halstead' sound as well. I got four tracks from this EP when it was on eMusic, then signed up for another month to get the rest…and it was GONE! Ahhrgh!
    But all I can say is, this track is not an anomaly…the whole thing is that good.

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