The National Lights

BloodShake Records’s (or is it Records’? Yeah, it’s Records’, right? You do ‘s when following a singular noun ending in s? This is what happens when I teach only history classes for a semester…) other artist , Sonya Cotton, was well received here at the ‘hive, so I though I’d pitch The National Lights. Slow and brooding, the Lights provide a further vehicle for Cotton’s lovely voice — here as backing vocals — while setting somber scenes of desolation and vague desire. Well, at least it’s pretty music, even if it’s not exactly fun.

4 Replies to “The National Lights”

  1. I 2nd that Jimbo. Lovely tune, as is Midwest Town. Man, I miss 3hive! It has been months since I visited, having the bookmark on my little used desktop.
    Thanks for shedding light on another great unknown band!

  2. After hearing these tracks I bought the album as soon as I could. It’s fantastic! I do feel rather awkward about enjoying songs of murder quite so much, but I guess that speaks for the talent of the band …

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