Bitter Tea for Breakfast

Comparisons never work out right, you know? The most well-intentioned end up sounding like the biggest slams, e.g. when we still had a print newspaper at the high school at which I teach, and the student review of a new restaurant noted the “Applebee’s-like customer service with Outback Steakhouse quality.” I’m totally certain the kid was giving serious props to the place, while simultaneously guaranteeing that I would rather be hit (gently) by a truck than eat there. Anyway, Bitter Tea for Breakfast is Travis Carter, formerly of Millimeters Mercury, another Mr. Hyde Records band. Bitter Tea etc. reminds me of — well, don’t take this the wrong way — Bright Eyes. Not really in terms of sound or lyrics, but maybe in spirit. Meticulous chaos, that sort of thing. The thing is, the big C.O. doesn’t offer entire albums for free download over at Saddle Creek, like Travis does at his site. Oh well… By the way, I’m dedicating this post to 3hive’s new pal Lisa, like me a former Maroon (she’s hardcore though, she was in the college!) and wishing everyone a good 2007.

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