Apes and Androids

Despite the fact that I’m sensing a whole lot of holiday spirit from the 3hive dudes this week, I’m going to have to deviate from the norm and express my relief that the world has returned to its normal state of affairs. And in the coming days, I’ll have to step aside and let someone else find you all that hot new ghettotech version of Auld Lang Syne. In any case, the seasonal lights may still be up, people may still be out of town, but the madness is over. And for a grinch like me, that means some celebration is in order.
Who knew that NYC band Apes and Androids would provide just the kind of relief I was looking for? I’m naturally arrhythmic and dancing has just never been my thing, so what a miracle it is that I cannot stop dancing around my apartment to “Radio”! Seriously, this is huge. I’ve been dancing all weekend! There was a time when uber-electronic music that made other people want to bump and grind really didn’t speak out to me, but times are a-changing and Apes and Androids happen to be clever about the placements of their bleeps and zips and pings, which helps. Of course, let us not discount the value of hearing something fun after all these days of cheer and sentimentality. A&A are new to the game, and will be releasing their album in early 2007, but while I wait, I plan on buying a pair of good flat shoes to dance in ALL NIGHT LONG. Ah, how sweet to remember just how fun life can be when you need a holiday from the holidays.


6 Replies to “Apes and Androids”

  1. This is pretty cool stuff. Thanks for the recommendation!
    I love the sleeping bag video for “Radio”. I couldn’t help but stare at my monitor with shock and awe through the entire thing.
    Cirque du Soleil better step off.

  2. okay, this “radio” song?
    seriously effing great.
    i’m fighting the urge to do my terrible “robot” dance in the very public place from which i’m typing this very comment.
    suffice to say, i’m sold.

  3. Hey guys this is one of the best recommendations 3hive has ever made. Im totally amazed by this band,their performances are incredible and the video ‘radio’ is pretty cool too. Thanks guys~

  4. Yesss I love Apes and Androids
    You wouldn’t happen to have an mp3 of “Sweetest Secret” would you? I have some mp3’s of some other songs if you want them, let me know.

  5. this is a fuckin cool lil jon meet rock thing. man you guys are far out in space and so high you bump your heads on the clouds. keep making this great music. peace mayne. yahdahdahmean(Do you know what I mean?)

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