Angela Desveaux

So, the photo here might not do Angela Desveaux justice. Then again, if you see country girl instead of modern Lizzie Borden, maybe this does work. Montreal-based Desveaux’s layered country-pop calls to mind fellow countrywoman Kathleen Edwards, or fellow North American Lucinda Williams. (Yeah! Go continent!) (If you can’t tell, I need a holiday break right about NOW.) Angela’s debut album Wandering Eyes is likewise avaliable NOW. Peace for the season.

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  1. I would – strongly – advise against using pictures this big and resizing them with HTML. My browser was significantly slowed down when I scrolled the part of the page which contained this entry.
    Only after I checked the file size and measures of the picture I recognized the problem.
    You _can_ resize pictures with HTML but, it is not recommended for pictures which are nearly one MB in size and 2000px x 3000px wide.

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