Joyo Velarde

My lady’s gonna love this track. Know why? Because Ms. Velarde’s music has taken me home, specifically the kitchen, and I’m groovin’ and scrubbin’ and scrubbin’ the grooves and scratchin’ the grout. I’m washin’ and dryin’: the dishes, the oven, the counters. I’m whistlin’ while I work, “Let the music CLEAN YOUR HOME!” She’s awakened my inner domestic dude. She’s softened my hands and loosened my caboose while I do the dishes. I’m soaking in it! Alisa ain’t gonna know what hit this place. It probably works on the dancefloor too.

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General Elektriks

This gem’s been on the back burner for two years! Ouch. I started a post on General Elektriks back in August of 2005, the year his debut album came out. I remember the label pulled the MP3s, and since we like to play nicely with others, I pulled the review (crying, all the while, on the inside, gettin’ all emo). Since then, Quannum has partnered with a solid digital distributor, ioda promonet, and the goods are back! This is such a great album. French-Brit, and current resident of Berkeley, CA, RV Salters, is General Elektriks, a man with an impressive quiver of vintage keyboards and the playing skills to go along with it. Smooth ‘n’ easy grooves made for lazy summer afternoons. Quantic said it best, “Like the Beatles in a pub brawl with the Neptunes.” And as a bonus, plenty of the Quannum crew make guest appearances on the album. Two-years-old, but packaged with stay-fresh beats. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Looks like General Elektriks will strike again early next year. He’s been busy with his other project Honeycut.

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Lyrics Born

It’s not quite lunchtime here on the West Coast and I’m oh, so ready to belly on up for some comfort food courtesy of El Chavito. Lyrics Born provides similar, comforting nourishment to the ears. Ain’t no need to front. He let’s his skills do the talking. Lyrics Born delivers rhymes all neighborly-like. His vocals have a front-porch, homegrown tone that keep me coming back for more. Just like El Chavito, nothing fancy, just pure flavor (insert El Sombrero if you’re in Lyrics’ neighborhood, or Cancun over on Mission Street ). You can be in the same room as Lyrics Born with his newest release, Overnight Encore: Lyrics Born Live!. It’s Friday people, ease up and get down with Lyrics, his live band and a ton of hot and sweaty Aussies.
*FYI: Lyrics and Cut Chemist are playing tonight in NYC at Webster Hall.

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