Great Lake Swimmers

My wife and I are lately big fans of the parenting blog Sweet Juniper! The writers are Detroiters, they’re friends of 3hiver Jon, and they’re just funny. I even offered Dutch a guest writing gig after checking out his post on hip urban music. Anyway, they’ve got a few music suggestions on the site, very indie stuff for the most part, like Great Lake Swimmers. This up-and-coming Canadian band has a mellow sound full of rootsy influences, two good albums, and handful of music awards heralding them as the next big thing. Sweet! Thanks to the Juniper crew, and hopefully we’ll get them to visit here one day.

7 Replies to “Great Lake Swimmers”

  1. I LOVE that "moving pictures, silent films," track, in fact it's the first song on our autumn mix we're posting next week. I must have missed your e-mail Joe, I get a bit swamped sometimes. I'd love to contribute to this great site.

  2. Fun fact about the first GLS album: it was recorded in an abandoned grain silo in rural Ontario, whence come the unique acoustics on "Moving Pictures, Silent Films."

  3. I picked up Bodies and Minds from iTunes after hearing these tracks. I'm not as enthusiastic about their debut album, but this sophomore effort is solid stuff. Kinda country and woeful without actually sounding horribly country.

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