Monster Movie

Don’t let the name fool you. Monster Movie plays music antonymic to its moniker. Now I won’t spend too much time comparing Monster Movie to their guitarist’s old band, Slowdive, but wow it’s as if someone awoke Slowdive from an extended slumber. But see, they’re still drowsy from their nap. In a sort of been-there-done-that move Monster Movie dropped the wall of guitars from an eleven to a five or six. Fear not shoegazers, you still get a liberal dose of dreamy, lush, blissed-out pop, along with the occasional dance-floor number like “Driving Through the Red Lights.”

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2 Replies to “Monster Movie”

  1. I check this blog all the time and thanks to you guys I've discovered new artists such as "Monster Movie".
    so, me buying their songs makes me proud that you contribute in a big way…
    Thank you again

  2. "Driving Through The Red Lights" is amazing.
    Like, orgasmic.
    It makes me think of "Oh Martha" by The Battle Royale.

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