The Folk Yous

Some cats, like Sean and Clay, were just born with good taste in music. Me? I took the long way, which included a phase of schlock rock—most of it consumed on 8-track. Now some of you youngsters won’t remember the delight of plugging an 8-track cassette into the player and listening to the sweet sounds of REO Speedwagon and Journey. Which means you also won’t remember how songs would fade out midway through the bridge, allowing the cassette to jump tracks with a clumsy “ka-chunk” sound, then the song would fade back in as if nothing had happened. It sounds as though Athens, GA’s Julie Dyles and Courtnie Wolfgang do remember those good ol’ days. Or they’ve at least developed a fondness for the power ballads of that era. Their covers of Asia, Jouney, and REO classics are earnest and well-honed, if a bit difficult to sing along to without falling back on old habits…

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  1. Oh, I remember the 8 tracks. My parents had GOBS of them = Richard Pryor Comedy 8 tracks, Foreigner, Queen, Kiss (Dads collection); The Lettermen, Neil Sedaka, Village People, Abba (Mom's collection). Now all they listen to is country. Sad. They still have a lot of them…. probably worth 80 cents in total 😉

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