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I was listening to the always excellent CBC Radio 3 podcast a few weeks back while flying cross-country. Maybe it was the altitude or lack of non-peanut sustenance but Justin Rutledge’s live, sing-along rendition of “Don’t Be So Mean, Jellybean” made me bust up a cryin’. Here’s hoping it makes the cut for his new album due out in the fall.


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  1. Thanks for this one guys. It's been a while that an artist makes me feel the way this guy has. It's the most exciting and the most sad at the same time and it's a beautiful thing.

  2. dude, that is bizarre, because a few weeks back we were roadtripping through smalltown rural ontario, listening to CBC radio and generally just being very Canadian. we stopped at a church fruit stand to procure some peaches from a guy named "Boobie" (which is how you know you are in the middle of nowhere) and while we reposed in our Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight, enjoying our bounty, we heard this very song. i was similarly moved, and wrote down the name of the song, but couldn't find it.
    so a big high five to you, just another reason i love 3hive.

  3. wOw.
    I'm really not sure why either, but I had that same tears-in-my-beer kind of situation hearing this. I want to know more about this "six-string nation" business. Or is that something he just made up on the spot? It seems they have a lot of good singers in that audience or this is some kind of organized performance group.

  4. corey, as i remember it from the podcast, "six-string nation" is a project where some people constructed a guitar from all these pieces of canadian memorabilia (some guy's hockey stick etc). then musicians roam the countryside playing it in front of people. more info here: http://sixstringnation.com/
    i had the same reaction, btw, that the audience sure were good at harmonizing but assumed it was just from having grown up around the campfire or something 🙂

  5. Wow – I'm late to the party on this one. I listened to the same podcast during the summer and just remember being so (I don't know if this is the right way to describe it) moved by it. I'm a huge sucker for singalongs, and had to listen it on repeat. Unfortunately, even though I had jotted it down, it slipped my mind and not until now did it suddenly pop into my head. Thank you for fulfilling my urge to listen to this track over and over and over again.

  6. I was at the show when this was recorded, and there may have been good singers in the audience, but I wasn't one of them. Justin just conjured up a bit of magic, as usual.

  7. If you love even one Justin song you must pick up his new record Devil on a Bench in Stanley Park. Justin says it best when he claims he just wants to make people feel something. If you're not shaking your head at his poetic turns of phrase [frozen roses/the heavens open and your door closes/while the Rideau bears a cross of broken ice/into the night] it's because you're too enveloped in the mastery of his perfect-hurtin' voice and his outstanding band. If you can't find it in a store near you, I bought it on iTunes Canada–from Hong Kong.

  8. sorry guys, justin took down the mp3 to "don't be so mean"…which is his decision to make. hopefully, it'll turn up on one of his albums some day. in the meantime, you can hear it if you track down the cbc radio 3 podcast.

  9. Dont be So mean Jellybean Rocks. We were all singing it at a party we had this weekend. I hadnt heard it before then and I have been singing it since lol!

  10. Justin and his excellent band rocked the Black Sheep Inn last night in Wakefield, Quebec. He blew away the standing room only audience, and finished with Jelly Bean, with everyone singing along. He's got it all, voice, musicianship and wonderful, wonderful lyrics. It was a magic night.

  11. I've been tryin to find this live version of "Jellybean" for so long. Is there any way to fix the link to this song? It no longer works. Thanks!

  12. Can someone please send me the lyrics for Don't be so mean, Jellybean?
    That would mean a lot to me, thankyou… 🙂
    Love from Leya.

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