Christine Fellows

I’ve been holding on to this song for a long time, at least a year or two, unsure whether or not I’d post it. Obviously, here it is… The album on which “Advice” appears, 2 little birds, is out of print; Fellows asks on her website that it not be purchased digitally, if available, as she has not consented to it sale in this manner. That said, I can certainly pitch her latest work, Nevertheless, released last November, which features the same cellist heard here, Leanne Zacharias, plus Weakerthan (and husband) John K. Samson.

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Justin Rutledge

I was listening to the always excellent CBC Radio 3 podcast a few weeks back while flying cross-country. Maybe it was the altitude or lack of non-peanut sustenance but Justin Rutledge’s live, sing-along rendition of “Don’t Be So Mean, Jellybean” made me bust up a cryin’. Here’s hoping it makes the cut for his new album due out in the fall.

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Elliott Brood

Neal’s been suggesting the self-described “death country” of Elliott Brood for awhile now (TT seconded the idea — thanks folks), and finally the Toronto trio has a free & legal MP3 available. “Second Son,” off the recently released LP Ambassador, pretty much encapsulates the band’s roots in an old fashioned, sepia-toned, violent world; it was recorded in an abandoned slaughterhouse, after all. Also worth a look and a listen is Elliott Brood’s debut EP Tin Type, with brown paper bag packaging and a replica handmade photo album. Kinda makes you wonder if they’ll use a Victrola for the remixes…

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