CSS is short for cansei de ser sexy, which is Portuguese for “tired of being sexy.” Tell me about it! I’d discourage anyone who’s just sick and tired of being sexy from listening to CSS. Their playful, decadent, chocolatey dance beats are sure to get even the most tired or uptight to drop everything, kick off their shoes, and start movin’ and groovin’ and droppin’ clothing all over the room. Where’s my lady when I need her!?!?!

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6 Replies to “CSS”

  1. I could be wrong but I think you meant that you’d ENCOURAGE anyone sick and tired of being sexy TO listen to CSS. I’m definitely sick of OTHER people being sexy. Does that qualify?

  2. I mean discourage, because if you’re TIRED of being sexy, CSS is only gonna make it WORSE. You gotta be stone-cold dead if CSS doesn’t rev you up a bit…

  3. Now I get it. Good thing I admitted I could be wrong, otherwise I’d be embarrassed. Being sick of other people being sexy does qualify. I liked it.

  4. as Ike Turner’s only male love slave, I can safely say that Ike and myself would slap the pink out of your mouth if you don’t think these tracks are bumpin’.

  5. Good post – CSS is awesome! I’ve been listening to “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above” and “Alcohol” for a coupele weeks on WOXY, it’s great stuff.

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