The Stevenson Ranch Davidians

It’s hot, it’s Sunday; let’s get spiritualized. Today I’m happy to point you to four psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs by The Stevenson Ranch Davidians. Theirs is the church of psychedelia and they seem intent on taking their congregation on a trip back to the Summer of Love, ’67 style. They make no apologies for inhaling the effects of the British Invasion, shoegazing, and the music atmosphere of Los Angeles in the late sixties. In fact they’re poised to join the pantheon of L.A. neo-psychedelic bands such as Rain Parade, Mazzy Star, The Dandy Warhols, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Beachwood Sparks. Is it any coincidence I whipped up a batch of grape Kool-Aid for the kids this morning? I think not. Bottom’s up!

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