Jab Mica Och El

From the same label that brought you Secret Mommy come the similarly playful Jab Mica Och El from Denmark. Unlike Secret Mommy, Jacob and Michael seem less interested in making playful songs out of non-musical sounds (with the exception of the bicycle project) and more intent on making playful songs out of familiar instruments such as the banjo, flute, and tuba. After some laptop manipulation and reorganization, the sounds that emerge feel surprising and spontaneous, warm and real — as if some Appalachian robots got drunk and started to jam until they haphazardly came across a tune. Perfect for your next barbecue (Appalachian, robot, or otherwise).


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  1. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for posting this band, I listened to this while cruising through beautiful berlin on my bicycle and I also listen to it on the bus and yesterday I even listened to it on a boat while getting a sunburn and it made everything so much more fun.
    Huge fan of this blog..

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