Sapporo 72

Sapporo 72 comes to us today courtesy of my new friend Tracy T., who made this suggestion last night as fireworks were exploding over our heads. Now, you know this whole 80’s new wave thing that’s been going on for a while? Think that’s the only 80’s drama the kids these days are unearthing? There’s a whole lot more to the 80’s, and in this case we’re talking about electro-synth-dance-pop, a la Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Erasure, etc. So let Sweden’s Sapporo 72 take you on a trip down memory lane, updated for the new millenium.

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  1. NICE!!! its as though Kraftwerk and the Juan Maclean had a child in sweden… and Sapporo 72 was born. scope the Eurovision II music video, its too cool!

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