Over The Rhine

Another guest post (I’m trying to be on vacation). This one’s from Sean M. in New Hamburg, Ontario. I thought it appropriate that a Canadian school us on an American group this 4th of July.

Here’s a group that I think fits well on 3hive under the “throaty female vocalist with a passion for storytelling” genre. She’s supported by her extremely kind and poetic husband on piano, and they’ve got something like thirteen albums under their belts. They started out recording songs on their kitchen floor by themselves and a grassroots kind of feel continues through their recordings. Over The Rhine’s live shows really define them for me, though—I’ve seen them the past few years playing in these dark, hot summer nights where they’ll play for a good hour and a half or more, then come out and do an impromptu jazz session, or a fantastic cover like “Moondance”. They have this great, gentle blend of country, folk, cabaret, jazz and pop. Just a true understanding of great Americana-type music. And that’s coming from a Canadian, so if I can appreciate it, anyone can!

Unfortunately many of their best songs don’t seem to be online—a little disappointing considering the really solid songs I hoped to share, but still some good ones here. The first is a great studio recording, the other two are live performances from a new, limited edition live record.


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