Bill Patton

Available in its entirety for free download from Bipolar Productions, Bill Patton’s cleverly fragile debut album Gets It On is looking for a good home. Part Neil Young from the “Sugar Mountain” days, part Dashiell Hammet meets Nick Drake (the title “A Crimefighter Who Pities Fools” should say enough), Patton’s sparse arrangements, with mumbled vocals and piercing pedal steel guitar, are about as emotive as you can get. Try two originals (especially “Dirty Woman”) and two covers — yes, from the Beatles and Prince — to get a handle on his unique sound and, of course, to enjoy. PS Thanks for the tip, Justin.

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  1. Stop posting country!
    I love the music posted
    But geez, take a break from the pop and country!

  2. These songs are beautiful. I've been playing "Dirty Woman" and "Crimefighter" over and over. His version of "She Loves You" is heart wrenching. And his version of Kiss is HOT, but i wish it was longer. thank you for posting this.

  3. Hell Ya! f-ing good songs, beautiful voice, unique sound. this is why i come to your site. I DIG BILL PATTON'S STYLE. Thank you for posting.
    ps: to the poster “commntyblackman”: the category this is under seems a little misleading but there arn't categories like "better than country","better than pop", "better than emo", i just assume that' what 3hive means. You are rude and don’t tell 3hive what to do you idiot close minded genre-centric listener.

  4. Just wondering … but doesn't "Dity Woman" borrow a bit from Pink Floyd song from "the wall?"
    Young Lust (Gilmour, Waters) 2:03
    " Stranger in this town.
    Where are all the good times?
    Who's gonna show this stranger around?
    Ooooh, I need a dirty woman.
    Ooooh, I need a dirty girl."
    No complaints: Dylan does it all the time.
    Overall these are beautiful and terrific takes on some rock tune that are not done in a jokey way.

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