Penny Century

Someone left a tip for Penny Century in the comments to my Peter Walker post last week. I liked them enough to pull them up out of the comments and give them a proper review. Penny Century, their name lifted from the classic Love and Rockets comic book, is a five-piece from Sweden writing stripped down, almost fragile, pop songs lead by the charming vocals of Julia Hanberg. You know how Eskimos are supposed to have 100 words for snow? I think Swedes do too. Case in point, the lyrics to “Season of Mists:” “We drove through blizzering snow / I tried to warm my hands on a cigarette-lighter.” Spring is not the time you want to be reminded of blizzering weather, but that’s life. Sometimes the worst blizzering hits in April, crushing spirits and spoiling picnics. Here’s to a strong Spring for everyone. If it gets blizzery in your neck of the woods, be sure to snuggle up with Penny Century and a cigarette lighter.

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