The Wombats

This Liverpudlian marsupial is a distant cousin to the sorely missed Los Angeles marsupial, Possum Dixon. Note the similar lyrical delivery, a kind of snotty, melodic talking. The two species also share a certain jerky jangle in their guitars. The resemblance is most notable on “Derail and Crash.” The Wombats are known to travel as a trio and were first spotted in the wild, open myspace. Everyone here at 3hive looks forward to this fine specimen arriving to this continent for a prolonged stay.

7 Replies to “The Wombats”

  1. My bad. Liverpudlian it is. We like pedantics. Keep it coming.
    I switched out the first three downloads to the band's myspace page. Hopefully that'll take some pressure off. Sorry Wombats!

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