The Soviettes

Frenzied. Snarling. Catchy. Fun. The first four words that describe the Soviettes. Not to be confused wtih the Soviets. The perfect soundtrack for working out at the gym on the Stair Master. Just be careful not to break the thing!

7 Replies to “The Soviettes”

  1. Hmmm, that is strange. I listened to them first on Winamp on Windows, no problems. So I tried them on iTunes on Mac and only 2 of the songs play. There must be something about how the songs are encoded that iTunes doesn't like.
    So readers, take note that something other than iTunes is needed to listen all this Soviettes goodness.

  2. Yeah, funny thing is that they play in quicktime with no problems; I always thought the guts of iTunes was pretty much based on quicktime. Weird. Soviette Technology must be the problem.

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