Candy Bars

TAKE 5 and enjoy this BOUNTY from the Candy Bars. These 3 MUSKETEERS are pretty M-AZING considering the sounds they TWIX from their instruments. A TART-N-TINY SYMPHONY. OH HENRY! you’ll say to yourself. This is the best thing I’ve heard from Florida lately BAR NONE. And don’t SNICKER but they look good too: Daniel and Ryan are BIG HUNKS, and Melissa is a DOVE. LOOK! U-NO you and your friends will be GOOD & PLENTY pleased to have this album. When May ROLO’s around and you SKOR on PAYDAY be sure to buy this GOLDEN COLLECTION of dark TREASURES. Then tell S’MORES of your friends. They’ll be indebted to you to the tune of 100 GRAND.

8 Replies to “Candy Bars”

  1. Yes, that's the point Irk. Cheese. Back in the day, in my neighborhood, if you wanted to ask someone to prom or sadie hawkins or homecoming the invitation was often made with awkward sentences spelled out in candy bars anchored to posterboard. A chewy, chocolate ransom note of sorts. Ah the wacky, fun, super cheesy days of youth. And oh so delicious.
    BTW: if you ever received one of these invitations yourself you felt very SPECIAL.

  2. oh believe me, i got one and i thought i was the shyt. the review was cheesy, but it brought back memories. it was cool, in other words. it's all good!

  3. The Google Ad on the Slocore page was for a speciality Candy maker – "hundreds of different Candy bar types" or something to that effect. On the Candy Bars page, it's for Nut Free Candy…
    That's targeted marketing at it's best!

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