Architecture in Helsinki

3hive fan and former student of mine Max says these guys are “the new hotness.” (He had terrible punctuation and capitalization in his e-mail message touting the band, so maybe that B+ I gave him in Composition was a bit of a gift, eh?) “Australia’s indie-pop chamber orchestra,” according to Bar None, offers up a great windows-down, warm-weather treat here, a version of their track “Do the Whirlwind” remixed by the UK’s Metronomy. Check the band’s website for a video of the original version of the song and assorted other treats.

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  1. I agree. This band is incredible. But then again I am partial to bands who randomly throw clarinet lines into the middle of their songs.. and Architecture in Helsinki tends to do this often.

  2. Oh yeah, great stuff right here. I have both of their albums and they are simply fantastic. One of my favorite bands.

  3. An utterly great discovery AIH was. The track "Do the whirlwind" has been frequently played since yesterday, and this morning, it's giving me a lovely rush and making me smile to myself.

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