Victor Scott

By all accounts Victor Scott shouldn’t be aspiring to what he aspires to — rhythmless porn-funk on “Gotta Go,” hybrid-power balladeering on “Mareel,” couch-surfer-rock on “Golf,” lounge-hop on “Airstream” — but he does. And it works very well. Fans of the eminent Honky King Calvin Johnson will see in Scott the same irresistibly affectless soul. Fans of Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch soundtracks will see in Scott a torch singer who croons charming oddities as if they were ageless standards. Victor’s a different chap, that’s for sure, but once you catch on to his wavelength, you’ll want to ride his current all the way to the shore.

3 Replies to “Victor Scott”

  1. Who is this fellow Victor Scott.?!?
    For many years, I have enjoyed a variety of different artists, however, I must admit Victor Scott is very refreshing. His musical concepts are new and exciting and I am constantly guessing and what he will offer up next.
    What I love about VS is that he is not afraid to change his musical focus to give us humble fans a jolt of originality. When I first heard a sample of his music I was interested and wanted to hear more, as I progressed through his portfolio of sound, I was shocked as each song took me in a new direction. It would be nice if other artists were as courageous with their music as Victor.
    I look forward to future music from Victor, and I for one hopes he doesn’t lose his edge.

  2. I love this. I went to his website and got a bunch more songs. He's on myspace too, unless you're too cool for that in which case I say: what, myspace? pshaw.
    I wish Victor Scott were my new best friend.

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