Whaddya know, these audioblog things are just plain spiffy—a fantastic way to hear new music. Really! Sniffing around today I see that Blair over at Music For Robots is getting some great mail from Antennas. So head over there and grab “Adapt” from MFR before it goes offline. Then treat yourself here to “Always On My Mind.” What I’m really digging on from Antennas is their density. And I don’t mean their McFlybian destiny. There is so much going on in this song, so many layers: strings, horns, whirring electronics, handclaps, and vibraphone. Of course it’s probably all MIDI, but what do I care. It works. It holds together without being overwhelming. Throw in the vocal drama of Jeff Buckley and we’ve really got something here. Great find Blair! (Note: The two Novak tracks included are from the band’s original 2003 demo when they were called Novak).

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  1. Hi Sean! Glad you liked the Antennas songs. We're (obvioulsy) huge fans 😉 and the album is all that good. I just wanted to tell you there is no MIDI invlded at all on this record. All is recorded live with real musicians. If you are interested you can preview the whole album (and buy it as MP3s) here:
    All the best, Daggan, Novoton

  2. Thanks Pete for finding the link to "Adapt!" And thanks to Daggan for setting me straight on the MIDI vs live instruments–even MORE reason to love Antennas–and yes everyone should head over and BUY the record!

  3. This is a really good band. I listened once to Always on my mind and now i can't stop humming it. A little bit annoying but a sign of a great tune ;-).

  4. I'm probably a phillistine, but for the most part I don't like the music I hear here.
    But then every once in awhile along comes a song that kicks my ass and blows my mind. "Always On My Mind" was awesome. Thanks!

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