Joseph Arthur

Hello friends. A week ago tonight, my family welcomed 19-inch, 7.4 lb. Peter Joseph into the world, so I’ll be taking a few weeks off working through an SAT prep regimen with the new guy. Respect to admin for giving me some FMLA time (it’s healthy!), and thanks to my pal Tim Ortopan for being 3hive’s first guest deejay.

I am excited to be the first outsider allowed to post on 3hive, and I’m thrilled to be posting Joseph Arthur, who has been one of my favorite artists for the last few years.  I received his album Come to Where I’m From for my 18th birthday in a record store grab bag, and it instantly became one of my most prized albums.  The fact that no one I knew had heard of Joseph Arthur only added to the illusion that he was singing his songs of sadness and heartbreak just for me.  In this context, he has seen me through first dates and break ups without ever asking for anything in return.  I think that recommending him to you is the least I can for all the help he has given me. Arthur has had a few ups and downs in his career but the Ohio native has made some of the best music of the last few years.  Download the live tracks here as an introduction to his work.  I hope you like them; if not the 3hive guys may never invite me back.

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  1. thanks a lot! I heard on a CD a beautiful unplugged live of Joseph Arthur, years ago, and can't find it after; he creates "deep" atmosphere.

  2. Joe – You should be invited back to 3hive again. Nice choice. I was streaming the entire page and had to stop to see whose incredible songs I was listening to. Nice.

  3. Jesus, I've only listened to the first track on here so far but it's nearly bringing a tear to my eye. Amazingly good.

  4. I have to say that Joseph Arthur is truly a musical genius.
    I have seen him live twice now.
    Only when he was a one-man show, and he is without a doubt the best one-man show I have personally ever seen.
    He is tremendously gifted as far as song writing goes, and every new CD he brings out is strangely even more beautifull than the previous one.
    It's actually hard to appreciate other musicians because JA has spoiled me so much with his amazing voice, singing those heartbreaking songs, on all his wonderful CD's. Every one a gem, especially, 'Come to where I'm from' which has a very special place in my heart.
    His Latest, 'Nuclear Daydreams' has not left my CD player since it came out a few months ago.

  5. yes agreed arthur is a genius and the crazy thing is that his music his writing AND his paintings are equally astounding. usually mastering one of the above the way he does is genius enough, but you can multiply that by 3 and you get the trinity that is Jo.

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