American Analog Set

Seriously now, how did we here at 3hive miss out on American Analog Set for so long? My commute home was extra long due to rain, so whilst trolling through my MP3 player in the car, I settled upon AmAnSet. I couldn’t find one of my favorites, “Hard to Find,” but since I knew I had it somewhere, I hit the computer once I got home. So after checking my collection, I didn’t see “Hard to Find” there, so I hit their website. All this time I’m wondering to myself if AmAnSet has made it to the pages of 3hive. Somehow, some way, we missed it. For those of you who love AmAnSet like I do, enjoy. And for those of you who do not know AmAnset, enjoy.

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  1. Big fan, I'm suprised as much as you are that you guys never posted this. You should post the Andrew Kenney, Ben Gibbard Home EP info if there are any free links out there. That EP is fantastic.

  2. AmAnSet put out more consistently amazing albums then any other band in the past 10 years. I highly suggest that you backtrack and pick up anything you can find by them!

  3. Amanset IS a truly amazing band… saw them live only once when they toured for Promise of Love but the show was just as good as their albums. We did an email interview with Andrew Kenny awhile ago (on Shmat) and he was a totally nice guy too.

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