Timber Timbre

Timber Timbre | Sincerely, Future Pollution

Timber Timbre | Sincerely, Future Pollution

My introduction to Timber Timbre was back in 2011 whilst perusing the goods at, the now extinct, Slowtrain Records, and their latest release (at the time), Creep On Creepin’ On was playing in the store. Timber Timbre’s wonky, psychedelic groove mixed with Taylor Kirk’s smokey vocals hooked me instantly, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Their recently released, Sincerely, Future Pollution, still checks all those boxes that hooked me 6 years ago. Timber Timbre keeps getting better and better. It’s time to let their psychedelic groove hook you too. Enjoy.

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Los Campesinos

This post has been a long time coming. Because I haven’t loved any music lately, and because, well, I’ve been so very MIA. So first things first, hello again! Some things change (i.e. the seasons, my computer [!!!]), etc but thankfully never, ever my weakness for the british accent and quirkilicious bands. I’m really glad that these poppy, punky girls and boys decided to cite Architecture in Helsinki as an influence on their own accord, so I didn’t have to do it first. Los Campesinos has the same big, bombastic, pleasantly messy collective sound and the same absolutely misleading kind of name–these seven british kids don’t appear to be anywhere from anyplace that speaks any kind of Spanish (although I could be wrong). I feel like seeing them live (which I have not) would be a blast of colors and dancing and rocking out and just a whole lot of fun. I look forward to it.

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American Analog Set

Seriously now, how did we here at 3hive miss out on American Analog Set for so long? My commute home was extra long due to rain, so whilst trolling through my MP3 player in the car, I settled upon AmAnSet. I couldn’t find one of my favorites, “Hard to Find,” but since I knew I had it somewhere, I hit the computer once I got home. So after checking my collection, I didn’t see “Hard to Find” there, so I hit their website. All this time I’m wondering to myself if AmAnSet has made it to the pages of 3hive. Somehow, some way, we missed it. For those of you who love AmAnSet like I do, enjoy. And for those of you who do not know AmAnset, enjoy.

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New Buffalo

Here’s the message Liz sent us: “I’d like to direct your attention to a wonderful Australian musician, Sally Seltmann, aka New Buffalo. I saw her play here in Hobart at the start of the year and apart from being a stunningly beautiful woman, she has an amazing voice and writes songs that tear at your heart.” No kidding. And thanks, Liz, you really made my week. I saw a piece on Ms. Seltmann in The New York Times over the summer, but recycled the paper too soon and couldn’t remember her or the band’s name. After downloading these songs — especially the hypnotic, saxophone-laced “I’ve Got You and You’ve Got Me” — I’m even happier you sent that message. It came just in time for New Buffalo to make my end of the year top ten list.

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This year, I became a father for the first time. On the way home from the hospital, we listened to Stars’ brilliant album, Heart, and barely held it together. The first few weeks were touch and go, sleepless and filled with more emotion than I’d ever known existed. Heart was the soundtrack. This new track off the forthcoming Set Yourself on Fire sounds more raw and still as beautiful. You can’t help but love a band who will tell you at the height of the holidays to go listen to Prefab Sprout’s first full-length, Swoon, because it’s a reminder of Paddy McAloon’s failed youth. Yes, I’m out and proud about my Prefab Sprout love. I’m also out and proud about Stars.

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