Sometimes I’m absolutely stumped about what to write about a particular artist. Complete writer’s block. That’s not the case with Eagle*Seagull. A laundry list of bands they remind me of, and are likely influenced by, are tumbling around in my skull, waiting for someone to just open the door. In this case, I think any one of them would cheapen the listening experience. I will say this: the band’s seven members strong, they’re from Lincoln, Nebraska, and a large majority of our 3hive audience is really going to like them. Props to DoCopenhagen for the tip.


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  1. I saw this album at Homers in the Old Market last week. I think I will go back and buy it. Yay for the internet, otherwise I would have never picked it up.

  2. I was sold halfway through the first song. I think I've listened to that one about 5 times today…I think my media player is trying to tell me something!

  3. wow, thanks guys, this is awesome music. lovelovelovelove it. kinda like the arcade fire but with more accordion. or something.
    perfect timing. this fits my mood. wow.

  4. this is fantastic, crisp clean arrangement and addictive vocals. Hope they get the airplay they deserve. A bit sigur ros but understandable and less cut ya wrists

  5. These guys are incredible! I'm definitely checking them out at their show in Columbus. Possibly my favorite new band of the year, no joke.
    I bought the album from papergardenrecords.com and great customer service as well! very cool guys!

  6. I'm hearing a lot of influence from Pulp, though that just may be the length of time its been since I last listened to them. Regardless, the band is amazing and I'm excited to hear more.

  7. Just received the Eagle*Seagull record today from Paper Garden and must say that I am quite blown away! Thanks for the original introduction to the band 3hive;)

  8. just heared the band on the radio here in berlin. liked the song, googled the name of the band, and here i am! love the music! reminds me of "the cure"…. very nice! hope they will come over to do some concerts soon…. i'll be there!

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