Belle and Sebastian

Look, we don’t worry ourselves with being “first” on anything. 3hive’s about sharing, not competing for some cool trophy. But damn are we late on this one! Shame on us! I know Clay’s gonna be kicking himself for missing this. Sam too. If you were unaware of the forthcoming Belle and Sebastian album (The Life Pursuit, in stores February 7th), enjoy its first sounds. If you’ve already got your hands on the whole thing, memorized all the words, and saw them in Scotland last week, or this week in England, well, you’re cooler than us. Believe me, that ain’t hard.

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  1. I quite like Funny Little Frog, so I'm interested in hearing the whole album. I wish people wouldn't make it sound like Scotland is seperate from the UK though.

  2. I haven't heard Funny Little Frog yet, but I got ahold of Another Sunny Day a week or so again and really like it. Can't wait for the album.

  3. Trust me, the album's more than worth the wait. If there's a finer, more joyous pair of songs than "The Blues Are Still Blue" and "Sukie In The Graveyard" this year, then feel free to hunt me down, paint me ginger and call me Dorothy.

  4. just saw this mentioned in transworld skating, and i remembered that i'd seen it on here (unable to download it at the time, itunes was down) good stuff

  5. love these guys. you should get some more of their stuff on here. actually they are coming here (MN) on sunday for a concert. i would be excited if i was cool enough to have tix.

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