No Trigger

I came across No Trigger while doing business with their drummer, Mike. He was too modest to mention his own band, keeping everything aboveboard, business-like. Respectable. But I gave him an earful when I finally heard his band — you can talk up your band without hyping it up ad nauseum. A rare skill, but possible. No Trigger has given me an earful ever since. I’ve got a soft spot for scream-a-long punk rock. It got me through adolescence, kept me awake on road trips, and lately it’s been paying the bills (full disclosure: I’m employed by No Trigger’s record label). I’m uncomfortable with any self-serving promotion (ah, I understand Mike’s reticence), but I’ve been listening to and loving No Trigger a lot lately. And it was time for a little dose o’ punk rock around here.

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3 Replies to “No Trigger”

  1. sexy sexy sexy! go see them. and if you missed them AND none more black, then i send my greatest sympathy to you.

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