T.S.O.L. (True Sounds Of Liberty)

Habeus Corpus R.I.P.

In memoriam, please enjoy 3hive’s soundtrack (courtesy of T.S.O.L.) to the new Military Commissions Act of 2006 that George W. Bush recently signed into law. It is the true sound of liberty according to our President and our Congress. Others disagree. Don’t forget to vote next month.

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The Aquabats

The Aquabats are the only band that I saw before having kids (1995 to be precise) that my kids have also seen. That happened just a few weeks ago thanks to 3hive’s own Sean. The very day we were visiting him and his family was the same day the Aquabats were playing nearby in a cul-de-sac for someone’s birthday party. When the kids got to take a photo with the Aquabats before the show, little did they know what was in store: the costumes, the comedy, the monsters, the satire, the mosh pit, the silliness, and the pool party accessories. In the last 9 days, they’ve listened to the full album 42 times. And watched the “Fashion Zombies” video 38 times. Aquabats, you have some new cadets!

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Hit The Switch

It’s not punk rock if you’re not pissing someone off. Hit The Switch will piss some of you off, and that’s a good thing. When a band names their album Domestic Tranquility and Social Justice you know they ain’t messing around. So yeah, there’s a message here and you may find it leaning too far towards socialism for your political tastes (that’s definitely the case with my father’s political bent…Hi Dad!) but Hit The Switch won’t try to convert you to any one way of thinking, they just want you to think. I suggest you close your political ears and listen with your musical ears and be converted by their fast, catchy, aggressive take on punk rock.

By the way, this is the second half of their album, available as a free download for a limited time from Nitro. The first half of the album was likewise available last month.

Nepotism note: I’m employed by the band’s label. But I dig this band and you dig free music so, so what?

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No Trigger

I came across No Trigger while doing business with their drummer, Mike. He was too modest to mention his own band, keeping everything aboveboard, business-like. Respectable. But I gave him an earful when I finally heard his band — you can talk up your band without hyping it up ad nauseum. A rare skill, but possible. No Trigger has given me an earful ever since. I’ve got a soft spot for scream-a-long punk rock. It got me through adolescence, kept me awake on road trips, and lately it’s been paying the bills (full disclosure: I’m employed by No Trigger’s record label). I’m uncomfortable with any self-serving promotion (ah, I understand Mike’s reticence), but I’ve been listening to and loving No Trigger a lot lately. And it was time for a little dose o’ punk rock around here.

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Bullet Train to Vegas

Back in college, my friend and roommate Dave Stohl studied Japanese and taught me a few key phrases: “Good morning.” “Very cool, isn’t it?” “Make a U-turn here?” and “Please do not pee out the window of the bullet train.” I’ve never really had occasion to use these…until now. The first two phrases are fairly obvious. The third in reference to the band’s throwback post-punk aesthetics (right down to the sound of the cassette tape snapping into the deck at the start of “Cut the Party…”). The fourth is sound advice under any circumstances, but especially when you’re rolling at breakneck speeds as these lads do. Domo, Dave. And, domo to you too, Bullet Train to Vegas.

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