Liz Durrett

Liz Durrett inhabits her songs with the sweet melodies and savvy longing that make Chan Marshall and Beth Orton such naturals with a guitar and a naked vocal. Her enveloping arrangements (helped along, no doubt, by her uncle and sometime producer Vic Chesnutt) will wrap you up like a cotton blanket on a cool Southern evening, much like labelmates and fellow Georgians Azure Ray. She’ll make you feel like she’s singing just for you. And she has good taste in cover material too, offering up numbers by Lou Reed and the West Side Story soundtrack here and more on her website.

4 Replies to “Liz Durrett”

  1. I don't get the Beth Orton or Cat Power comparison–even though their recorded stuff is pretty production-intensive.
    Liz Durett's sound is thin and common, like well done vegetables, you know, not raw.
    But it's the chorus effects on every bar and double tracked vocals that try to give it warmth and vibrance–just such overdone efx. If the whole thing were looped up it might be cool, but the vocals are so retouched next to the stripped down electric guitar and drum.

  2. Oh man this is great stuff. I'm a huge fan of Azure ray, so this is right up my alley, but what a beautiful haunting voice she has. Thanks for turning me on to something so beautiful and new

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