Cub Country

Cub Country is Jeremy Chatelain who’s done time with bands like Jets to Brazil, Handsome, and (taking it way back) the SLC hardcore band Lumberjack — a band I interviewed on my first radio show, a little punk rock thing called “Unrest on the Seventh Day.” All-around quality this kid Jeremy. Cub Country began while Jeremy was living in Brooklyn as an outlet for his own songs that had no home. Ironic that a move out east initiated his western sound. It’s 2006 (a new year for all of us, have a happy and safe one!) and Cub Country is now situated in Seattle and should have a new album tracked and ready to go soon. Email Jeremy and tell him you like what you hear and can’t wait for more. Oh yeah, and tell him I said hello.

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  1. "Unrest On The Seventh Day"!! one of the highlights of my youth. staying up late on a sunday night to listen to the punk rock (the devil's music, as I was told), I used to tape every show. this was my first exposure to that type of music and i've been hooked ever since.
    Cub Country… awesome stuff, I am so happy to see that you put this up, what a great way to start off the year! I just saw him play a couple of weeks ago and he (they) were awesome. he put together a band of local SLC musicians and they played his music flawlessly, like they had always been his band, it was awesome! I'm looking forward to his new release.
    Thanks 3hive, happy new year and here's to another great year of music!!

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