As I was putting together my best of 2005 list and got to the “artists we wish we could put on 3hive but who don’t offer fre and legal MP3 links so alas…” section, I instinctively started jotting down all my favorite Morr Music artists. Then I double-checked b.fleischmann’s website and realized, while Morr continues to embed their music in that damn lovely, illustrated Flash site of theirs, the artist is a bit more giving of his wares. Working bottom to top, these tracks demonstrate our man’s evolution from laptop glow to a richer blend of analog and digital textures. “Phones and Machines” is a fine example of the latter, a preview from The Humbucking Coil (pre-order from Boomkat). Here’s to more Morr in 2006!!


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  1. my belated thanks for every mp3 you guys scour the internet for – '05 was a good year 😀 i enjoyed alot of the music and artists i would never have known if it wasn't for 3hive.
    anyway – about this particular entry – first the "Phones and Machines" doesn't seem to work :P. second, what incurred my interest in this particular artist is the file entitled "Toru Okada" – a character in one of Haruki Murakami's books. i was quite surprised and shocked it existed – just the other day i was thinking what it would be like if The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle had a soundtrack…interesting – anyway thanks a bunch for finding it and have an excellent 2006!

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