2 Replies to “Why eMusic Friggin’ Rules”

  1. Here here and huzzah! I fully concur with Sir Sam on the emusic friggalicious music bonanza. That new Blackalicious lp is dope and emusic is a great way to update your collection and dig into things you missed the first time around. They’ve also got lots of classic soul, world, folk, jazz which is a personal fave, this week I donwloaded a bunch of non-‘nuts Vince Guaraldi with bossa guitarist Bola Sete – tasty. They’ve also got the Merge and Matador catalogs available – YoLaTengo and Arcade Fire as well as loads of other bands.

  2. I haven't been to eMusic lately, but I had a membership for a couple of years back when it was $20 a month for unlimited downloads. I got semi-disgusted and left when they restricted the number of downloads available (inevitable, understandable, still disappointing), but I've been back once since for the free 50 deal. Well worth it.

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