I can blame The Cure for a couple things:

1) The name of my first son, Cairo. I used to joke with a friend that I’d name my first child after the song “Fire In Cairo,” combining “fire” and “in” to create “Firyn.” Firyn Cairo. (My friend reciprocated the fun, threatening to name his first child Seven–and this was a couple years before Seinfeld hit the TV). By the time our first child was born I had joked around with “Firyn Cairo” so much it stuck (we axed Firyn, thankfully).

2) Cranes. And it’s been years since I’d listened to or even thought of the band. Somehow during my musical travels I came across their latest, and seventh, album, Particles & Waves. The band is as haunting, lush, and dark as ever. And lucky for us, just as busy. They opened a couple Cure shows in Europe over the summer and they’re already working on new material for a new album next year. Enjoy discovering or rediscovering Cranes. And if you’re sitting there all smug and cocky because you never stopped listening, shame on you. Why didn’t you remind me!?!?

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  1. It's not that the Cranes sound like the Cure–it's that the Cure took the band under their wings, brought them over to the states to tour and were instrumental in introducing the band to the world, my little one at least.

  2. I absolutely love this band. Came as a bit of surprise when I started college last year and was taught by their rhythm section!

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