Explosions in the Sky

We were watching Friday Night Lights and digging on the soundtrack. I was all, “This sounds like Mogwai” and Heather was all “Yeah” and I’m all “But Mogwai in a football movie?” and Heather’s all “Yeah.” Then we froze the credits and had to pick up our jaws from the floor. It wasn’t Mogwai. It was Explosions in the Sky, from Austin, Texas. These two tracks pack a big wallop. Kind of like Texas. Almost sweet at first, once the build hits you, it’s like senior year all over again.


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  1. brent, agreed.
    however, i emailed the 3hive guys requesting that they post so EITS and they have, so thank you.
    i’ve yet to see the movie and i’d have to imagine it’s much more effective and stimulating than dawson throwing the game winner to a guy named tweeder.

  2. i also heard their music in a trailer for Shopgirl. i suppose they have a cinematic quality honed for pigskins and Steve Martin. nonetheless…beautiful.

  3. After watching Friday Night Lights, I bought the movie soundtrack, and their other two albums. Also, Explosions in the Sky just re-releaseed their first compilation, which I picked up from Temporary Residence in September 2005.

  4. Having seen them at the Zodiac last night, all I can say is that they’re magnificent.
    Easily the best live performance I’ve seen from anyone.
    (I’m a different Ryan, I should add!)

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