Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

At some point I had to acknowledge the wonders of this band despite or due to the fact that every single one of my favorite music-related blogs has jocked Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — which I won’t acronym-ize because it ends up reminding me of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young when, in fact, they remind me of all that’s good about the Talking Heads, early Radiohead (yeah, Heather, I said Radiohead), and hazy, distorted memories of childhood.

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  1. this is one of those bands where you just have to take a listen when you see what they’re called. and i must say, i like it. a lot. great name. great tunes.

  2. I actually thought that this was some rare talking heads song until I actually pulled my head out of the fog and looked at the playlist. Must have more….

  3. It sounds repetitive because many bands have use this type of sound (i.e, Talking Heads, Radiohead, The Strokes, The Killers). The list is endless.

  4. His voice is piercing and whiny. Nothing innovative and continues to add to the current mundane music of today. Sounds a lot like early James but James were better. I'm sick of hearing about them.

  5. Listening to them is like hearing fingernails across a chalkboard amplified. Shudders. Horrible stuff. And I'm the king of acquired vocal taste but I can't do it with this one.

  6. overall its really nice…but something about the singer that makes me fell like hes not into singging…because i cant really understand him singging the song…!! but overall with the music and cornation of the whole song-over and over again(lost and found)- is actually very nice…made the music stuck in my head!! brilliant!

  7. Went to see these guys live last week and they were really good. The atmosphere was great and they really rocked. At the moment they are surely on my top 5 bands.

  8. Anyone can spout litanies of -hey these guys sound like other guys- the critics love doing that. But listen again to ‘Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood’, then do it again. I had no choice in my returning to it. It is a great song. I am missing the last repeated lyric though.

  9. Thank you for good unsigned musicians once again. 'this home on ice' could be every other hipsters friday night theme song for the next year. Even with that said, i think its great.

  10. If you don’t notice the difference between The Strokes and all the “other” bands; if you miss the gap between Arcade Fire and the same all “other” bands; then you’re missing Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! too!!!
    Great album, great band!
    I’m 43 and yes, they sound like the first Talking Heads. Isn’t that wonderful???

  11. Awful. Just fucking awful. I had no idea a band this bad, this DISGUSTINGLY bad, could land a gig on Conan O’Brian…jesus, i can’t even begin to convey how shitty this band is. I actually Google-d their name plus “whiny” and got 278 hits. i can’t believe you people actually like this crap. I’ll add this to my “Top 1000 Worst Albums of 2005”, where it will float somewhere in the teens.

  12. Yes…they sound like Talking Heads, but sound so good. No…they are not the next coming of Radiohead or the Smiths, but who cares? They should good, they make happy sounding music, and at least they do not sound like another version of New Order.

  13. Music is a lot more than just its surface-level sounds, and that is the only dimension on which this band sounds remotely like Radiohead. I wish this website actually critiqued music, it just seems to blanketly endorse every band on the list.

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