A frantic swell of kick drum and tinkled ivories launches Koufax’s new single, letting you know that some of the better (if lesser known) ambassadors of Generation Whatevs are back with 20% more sass, strut, and pout. You know, I should be tired of singing along to bands that are younger, better looking, and snappier dressers than me. If only they’d stop writing such flippin’ infectious songs…


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  1. I reviewed this track a while ago and am still waiting for it to grow on me. In fact, I’ve gotten the whole album and am still pretty disappointed. I really want to like it since Social Life was a pretty damn awesome album but gone are the Minor Chord harmonies and subdued guitars that actually allowed them to stand out amongst most of the bands out there today. The new album just gives the impression that the band was fed up, listened to the CMJ top 20 albums for a year straight and adapted tgheir songwriting to fit those sounds.
    I’m still trying, but it’s going to be a pretty long struggle.

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