Acid House Kings

How about a blissful pop treat this last Sunday of summer? I know, it’s not technically, but come on, once September rolls around, summer’s over. Anyway, Acid House Kings (featuring members of Club 8 and The Legends) create amazingly pure pop songs and invite us all along for the fun: lyrics and instrumental MP3s are available online and you can add your own vocals to the mix and perhaps be included on a forthcoming EP. Swedish music hasn’t been this fun since ABBA!

8 Replies to “Acid House Kings”

  1. I’m amazed that Sweden has produced so many brilliant pop bands, e.g., Acid House Kings, Starlet, Aquadays, Happydeadmen, Leslies, Club 8, etc.
    And of course, ABBA.

  2. I love this band.But it’s difficult for me to undersand every word exactly in their lyrics , because I’m a girl live in China. Would you like to tell me about the lyrics about ?
    Thanks a lot.

  3. uuummmhhhh…
    it’s a great for listening when i drink cup of tea…
    it’s very simple and easy listening…
    i like it.. ;D

  4. This is not acid house so why the misleading name? Its inoffensive pop and has nothing at all to do with acid house or are you trying to confuse ppl?

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