A frantic swell of kick drum and tinkled ivories launches Koufax’s new single, letting you know that some of the better (if lesser known) ambassadors of Generation Whatevs are back with 20% more sass, strut, and pout. You know, I should be tired of singing along to bands that are younger, better looking, and snappier dressers than me. If only they’d stop writing such flippin’ infectious songs…

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I was one of those kids who got beat up during recess at elementary school because I knew all of the state capitals by heart and told everyone what they were, in order. Limbeck are like that, too. Their pop is jangly (there’s that word again) and fresh, their subject matter is late-teens and early-twenties heartbreak/confusion, and their knowledge of geography is absolutely impeccable.

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The Honorary Title

If the thought of Jeff Buckley fronting The Promise Ring gives you the good kind of goosebumps, then The Honorary Title is worth your download time — even if you’re on dial-up. Jarrod Gorbel has the vocal acuity of the late-great Buckley and a Rufus Wainwright-esque flair for drama that both merges with and hovers above the bounce and retreat of Aaron Kamstra’s lovely arrangements. Go ahead and sing along silently.

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