Drive-By Truckers

All you Steve Earle fans out there should love the dirty Southern rock played by Drive-By Truckers. Listening to Earle’s “CCKMP” and “Putting People on the Moon” by the Truckers on a continuous loop could potentially produce one of the most serious bummers imaginable. If you like what you hear, their Southern Rock Opera released in 2001 on Lost Highway Recods is an amazing piece of work offering precisely what the title suggests. Thanks to Chuck and Tim O. for the tip on the Truckers.

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  1. Bloody hell. I didn’t think you could be right about the serious bummer line, but I just listened to Puttin’ People on the Moon.

  2. The best darn rock band on the planet. Southern Rock Opera is a masterpiece. Decoration day and Dirty South are runner up's. This band has come a long way and are sounding better than ever. If you like three guitars, loud n proud and tuned down low and dirty your gonna love these guys. Their lyrics are deep and realy hit home… no matter where your born.

  3. Dirty South is not their best, but has plenty of good tunes. Pizza del, southrn rock opera and decoration day are all awesome albums. Mike Cooley is “the man” though. All of my favorite songs are written and sang by Mike. He has been a huge influence on my current songwriting. It doesnt get any better than -Love like this, -zip city, -women w/o whiskey. I love this Sh*t.

  4. Just saw 2 night show live in chapel hill NC….They are so damn good live…completely different then going to one of those huge ass venues and sitting in the lawn where you can barley hear … ticks are only 16 dollars….Jason isbell got off the stage and played 2 ft from me…soo freaking sweet

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