Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee Jones with a free & legal MP3. That’s fun. Yeah, I know it’s cool to be all indie and stuff… I promise next week to post some band that no one has ever heard of. (Or, maybe I’ll post Tom Waits and bring this old couple back together. There are some free tracks of his over at the Anti website.) “Elvis Cadillac,” off the forthcoming The Sermon on Exposition Boulevard, offers a taste of an album on which all of the songs are inspired by Jesus. While I’m not exactly the religious sort, if the rest of Sermon is as smooth and becoming as this song, Rickie Lee might make a believer out of me yet.

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Nic Armstrong & the Thieves

If you’re wondering where all the mods have gone, Nic Armstrong has your answer. Since winning a songwriting contest in his native England a couple years back, Armstrong has launched a little British Invasion by way of Austin. And that’s not just a fancy classification: Armstrong and his Thieves have circumvented a few decades of Brit-Pop and cock rock and gone straight for the birth of the mod. The result is a roadhouse rhythm and beat in line with the earliest offerings from the Rolling Stones, the Who, the Beatles and, most of all, the Kinks, which in turn was a British working class take on American R&B and Boogie Woogie. Throw in a little country and western and you have something that is reverently old but shakes it as good as new.

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Drive-By Truckers

All you Steve Earle fans out there should love the dirty Southern rock played by Drive-By Truckers. Listening to Earle’s “CCKMP” and “Putting People on the Moon” by the Truckers on a continuous loop could potentially produce one of the most serious bummers imaginable. If you like what you hear, their Southern Rock Opera released in 2001 on Lost Highway Recods is an amazing piece of work offering precisely what the title suggests. Thanks to Chuck and Tim O. for the tip on the Truckers.

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