These examples of Kettel’s finer moments, wherein cut-up jazz breaks and organic field sounds stroll hand-in-hand, make me wonder why he hasn’t received as much notoriety as, say, Four Tet. He, by the way, is Reimer Eising. To browse/buy from his catalog, check the newly madeover kracfive site. (Overdue props to Disquiet for opening my ears to Kettel a while back.)

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  1. When we first started posting, I tried to find full-length Kettel tracks… Nice one. Top Space is still one of my favorite tracks.

  2. Volleyed Iron is f’n modern classic ambient album.
    huge props. he really needs to make more ambient over his IDM stuff, he really sets himself apart from the croud with it.
    i look forward to another all-ambient release.

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